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September 28, 2012 by wdshrhmwt ^^

haihaiiii πŸ™‚

intro yaa πŸ™‚ my name’s widiasih rahmawati πŸ™‚

call me diwi atau widi πŸ™‚

i’m moslem πŸ™‚

i’am 16 years old, i’am student at SMAN 1 Kebomas Gresik πŸ™‚

i’am part of XI IPA 1 πŸ˜€

emm what next?

i’m just ordinary little girl in this world.

i’m not pretty enough πŸ™‚

i’am funny, i’am freak, i’am awesome πŸ˜€

i like blue, i like eat, i like chocolate, i lkie ice cream, i like chitato πŸ˜€

i love Allah, i love Nabi Muhammad, i love my parents, i love my brotha and sista, i love my bestfriends, i love my friends, i love my self, i love Cho Kyuhyun, i love one direction, and i love you πŸ™‚

i have many dreams πŸ™‚ and hope ican reach my dreams πŸ™‚


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wdshrhmwt ^^

wdshrhmwt ^^

diwi or widi | 16 y.o | part of XI IPA 1 SMAN 1 Kebomas | just a little girl wif many dreams to reach :)

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